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Are you confused about the technology requirements of your Pharmacy?
Do you ask, “Am I moving in the right direction to cope with future Health Care regulations?”
Do you need help with QCPP audit?
Do you have questions about servers, workstations, internet connections, antivirus, backup solutions, cabling, phone connections or any other technology?
Is a third party confusing you with technical jargon you don’t understand?
Pharmacy Only Computer Solutions Technologists are the most qualified team of technicians within the Pharmacy Sector. We are fluent in Techno-terminology and can provide you with the information you require, in a language you understand.
Whether you’re looking for advice and guidance on setting up a brand new system or upgrading your current one, or require intermediary assistance liaising with a 3rd party, our experts can cut through the jargon, allowing you to make informed decisions about your technical requirements and focus on your core business.

Pharmacy Only Computer Solutions strongly recommends that a site audit be performed at the beginning of each client’s business relationship with Pharmacy Only Computer Solutions. This service is offered to ensure our Technicians and the client themselves have an accurate and up to date understanding of the site’s hardware, software, security and configuration. It promotes a familiarity with your site that aids in notably reduced time when addressing any concerns or upgrade requirements – a technician who is familiar with a site is able to support the client more efficiently and in less time.
Upon completion of each audit a detailed report is compiled with a copy given to our client, and a copy securely retained at our Pharmacy Only Computer Solutions office. All changes implemented by Pharmacy Only Computer Solutions are recorded and the report is then updated. It is the responsibility of the client to ensure Pharmacy Only Computer Solutions is notified of any changes to their system that are not implemented by Pharmacy Only Computer Solutions.

No one can guarantee a disaster free site, or completely prevent equipment failure. Unfortunately businesses often cost themselves more by not having a central point for their information, a maintenance plan, or a sufficient backup solution. All too often we see business lose valued information because they have several computers all with information saved directly on it’s own hard drive and not in one central and adequately backed up location, i.e. a server ,or better, a Deadicated Server.

However, in the event your business experiences unforeseen system failure, Pharmacy Only Computer Solutions will easily restore your data. While non-urgent issues are booked in, priority response times (cannot Dispense or Trade) are given within two hours of receiving your call.
*Please note however that Maintenance Agreement clients are given first priority in such instances.

Just as Flu Vaccinations and Vitamin Supplements prevent you getting sick, Computer Prevention is far better than treating the illness. Although we can’t prevent system failures from occurring, we can ensure that your system is as healthy as possible. The best way to do this is with a Comprehensive Backup Solution and Recovery, coupled with Preamptive Maintenance – this enables Pharmacy Only Computer Solutions to proactively monitor your system, and proactively act on any warning signs that have the potential to evolve into significant problems. Saving you both time and money.

Do you need help with your Quality Care Pharmacy Program?
Is the IT Audit a too dawting a task to perform?
Pharmacy Only Computer Solutions have been implementing and Auditing Pharmacies to a Quality Care standard since 2006. We are familiar with the complexity of the Audits and can easily help you complete these and get certified.

Hardware Maintenance Agreements enable Pharmacy Only Computer Solutions to proactively monitor your system, and promptly act on any warning signs that have the potential to became into significant problems. Pharmacy Only Computer Solutions offers 3 types of maintenance options to suit each client’s individual requirements. Two agreements consist of specific scheduled maintenance that provides your business with a range of preventative measures and support including periodical server or Master PC inspections, event log examining, backup monitoring, remote and onsite backup data restores, emergency response assurances and general helpdesk support (subject to agreement type). This proactive approach allows our Technicians to preampt and prevent any faults in the background, offering your business peace of mind and allowing you to focus on your core business as usual.