Frequently Asked Questions

My Computer System(s) Has Crashed, How Long Will It Take You To Fix It?

Unfortunately, things go wrong… Usually at the most inconvenient of times. All too often we see businesses lose valued information and the ability to trade, costing themselves time and money, by not having a central point for their information (instead relying on individual computers with data stored on each), a proactive maintenance plan, or an insufficient backup solution. However, if you do have a system crash, we are there to quickly “have you up and running”. *Please note however that Maintenance Agreement clients are given first priority in such instances.

Just as keeping your patients as healthly as possible, we believe in keeping your IT healthy as well, and although we can’t prevent system failures from occurring, we can ensure that your system is as healthy as possible. The best way to do this is with a Comprehensive Backup Solution, coupled with Preventative Maintenance – this enables Pharmacy Only Computer Solutions to proactively monitor your system, and proactively act on any warning signs that have the potential evolve into significant problems.

Why Bother With Maintenance Agreements When My Site Is Running Smoothly?

If you just kept on prescribing drugs to a patient without telling them the full benefits of exercise, nutrition and relaxation, you would be giving them a disservice. Just the same as a Maintence Contract prevents the problem happening again. Proactive maintenance is and always will be significantly LESS expensive than the cost of the reactive support required in the event of a total operational system failure. No one can guarantee a disaster free site or that they can prevent equipment failure. We can however ensure that your system is as healthy as possible and any little warning signs are addressed before they become major problems.

What Happens If Something Is Found During Maintenance Examinations?

All clients on maintenance agreements receive periodic report (relevant to their agreement type and level) summarising maintenance and inspection activity. Any issues that require immediate attention will result in notification to your designated onsite contact. Formal authorisation will be sought before addressing these issues.

Is a Maintenance Agreement the Same Thing as a Disaster Recovery Plan?

Although this Maintenance Agreement can be included as apart of your Disaster Recovery Plan, it should not replace it. A complete internal plan should be implemented to ensure minimal impact in the event of a system failure/disaster within your organisation.

Support Questions and Hints

My Computer is running slow or freezing?

1. Reboot your PC.
2. Your computer may be infected with a virus.

My Printer isn’t working.

1. Turn the Printer off then on.
2. If the problem still exists, reboot the Computer the printer is attached to.

I have a virus or Malware. What should I do?

1. Do NOT reboot the PC. Unplug the network cable (blue cable) from that Computer.
2. Call us for immediate action to inoculate the virus.